Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Read on to learn about me and my image of wide scope.

My name is Carly, and I’m a Junior English major at the University of Florida. I plan on going to law school after I graduate, but I’m not one of those typical “English major law students.” I love reading and writing, and I’m especially intrigued on learning new ways to write and ways to express myself.

Listening. I’m really into the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) that’s circulating currently. I’m always up for dancing, jamming out, and singing (even though I really can’t!); it’s an escape for me from my crazy schedule of work, school, and homework.

Watching. Currently obsessing over the shows New Girl and Bobs Burgers. I’m in love with comedy, laughing, and smiling. To me, to live without these are like living without the sun.

Visiting. I’m a transfer from Fort Myers, Florida. Gainesville is so very new to me, so I feel like I’m visiting and getting to know this city as my new “home.” With the help from some awesome new friends, I’m visiting the sights and food joints of Gainesville.

Blogging. Currently hosting another blog for another class this semester, Pinsperational Recipes: Epic Wins and Epic Fails. Obsessing over finding Pinterest recipes, no matter how intimidating, and tackling them. Having so much fun playing with food and getting to eat it, while getting a grade in class? Can it get any better?

How to Navigate this Blog:

In order to get the whole picture of my image of wide scope, one must read the blog in the order of the pages as they appear, starting with Family. Each page will have contain a backstory, with each having it’s own Category with posts to retell the memories/scenes. My hope is that you will read them in the order as they are posted on each category, rather than the timeline of posts (under the Archive). Under this presumption it’s read in this accordance, it’s my hope a current theme, or emotions, intertwine all the stories.


The MyStory is my collection of stories that document important and influential moments/works in my life. The goal of this creative process is to discover my Image of Wide Scope, defined as the “central images or metaphors in a creative life” (Briggs 193). Stemming from one’s upbringing, their history, plays an important role on themata on one’s identity, and what makes them unique.


Fire in the Crucible: The Self-Creation of Creativity and Genius by John Briggs
Worlds of Childhood: The Art and Craft of Writing for Children by William Zinsser
The Way to Rainy Mountain by N. Scott Momaday
Wabi-Sabi: for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren

*Disclaimer: The pictures and contents of this blog are for educational purposes only*


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